Monday, July 24, 2017

God is Great

Hey so this week was amazing.

So first off, we have been working a lot.  We received uma referencia [a reference] from Andre, a 13 year old member and we talked with two of his friends and marked dates. 

Then on Friday, things went south. The past week almost all our dates fell through, my comp and I were a little tired of knocking doors, and were a little tired of the area. It got a little better but was hard. 

Then Saturday, we went to Homero, a member and his daughter was there so we started to give her a message, but then turned it into a lesson and then committed to the 5th for baptism! Then we talked to Homero and he was in shock haha. 

Then on Sunday God blessed us with miracles. So first, we went to wake up a member João Victor because he usually sleeps in past church and when we arrived, an investigator was there and he said that he would go too. Wha... alright. 

We had two other girls that thought church started at 7 so they were there... at 7 lol. Fernanda was mad at Ingride (the two girls) but after church we committed them to the 5th as well so I will hopefully have some pictures that day. And that night we were trying to hit the standard of new investigators. (from Dahrl:  When I asked him what this means, he said 15.  What I think he is saying is that they have a goal of getting 15 new investigators in a week or a month.)  So we started and got 4 IN 25 MINUTES. That was a record and I just turned to my comp and said, "Why don’t we do this all the time?" So you will see more from us hahaha. 

I have been trying to teach my comp English and the other Brazilian with the other American and it is hilarious. We are reading the Book of Mormon in English and it is hilarious. 

Well, this week was awesome. I will talk to you guys next week!


Elder Kupferer

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