Monday, November 13, 2017

As famílias poderão ser eternas [Families Can Be Forever]

ALOOOÔ! Beleza? So this week was insane. 

So we have been helping a couple prepare for baptism and.... THEY GOT BAPTIZED!!!! This was all possible because of the members here however. This was something that I have been thinking of this week and that none of this was possible without the help of members and the bishop. Also, I have a stronger testimony now that families can be together forever and that the temple is the final goal. Yes we are helping people to come unto Christ through baptism but this is just the first step. After there are many ordinances that we need to do to return to live with our Heavenly Father including being sealed in the temple with our families for all time and eternity. And now, after a year, Sara and Lenildo can realize this dream of having an eternal family.

Sorry this one is short I just ran out of time. Hope everyone has a great week!


Elder Kupferer

Dia dos Mortos em Parque da Saudade

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

O Dia de Finados (The Day of the Dead)

Monday, November 6, 2017

ALÔ! Nós quanto tempo! Senti como uma semana! haha [What’s up! Man this was a great week!]

So first off, Halloween apparently passed. We did nothing to celebrate that day (not even candy... triste [sad]) BUT we celebrated something called “O Dia dos Mortos” or “O Dia de Finados” which is the day of the dead. (cool name)  So, this day was really cool. We just showed up and handed out pamphlets, but mainly about the Plan of Salvation and how families can be together forever. 

It was a really good experience and meu amigo Luis Andre helped us pass some out! He has only been a member for a month but is helping more than some. I am impressed! Which brings me to my next point. We have been visiting him and started teaching his parents, brother, and sister! And his sister and parents have baptismal dates! It is great when you start teaching a family because now when they are baptized they can all be sealed together and it will be the greatest thing in the world! OH, and his other brother, Saulo, is being taught by the assistants of the president in their area and he sounds pretty firm as well! It is pretty awesome. 

So final thing that happened this week was that Elder Antunes, a local Seventy passed by and gave two great talks. The first thing though is that he told some stories that I didn’t expect from a Seventy.  But then he talked a lot about missionary work and how we as missionaries should work with members but also that we should be people that lift up others up. (Listen to “You Lift Me Up”). President Lacerda also said that the people we love is what we represent. So let us love the Lord and represent him! I hope everyone has a great week!


Elder Kupferer

Monday, October 30, 2017

Same Old Area and Comp

Alô beleza!? 

So this week was interesting. First we are having transfers AND...... I am staying.... With Elder Henrique! So yeah, I am in the same area for 6 months (will be 7 and a half after this transfer) but at least Elder Henrique stayed! Elder Western is going to Varginha para ser LZ [to be a Zone Leader] and Elder Makyama is working in the staff for his last transfer. BUT Elder Papalino and Elder Griffen will return! Elder Papalino was my old comp that is amazing and Elder Griffen was my DL for a time. They will be the zone leaders here in Juiz de Fora so that will be cool.

Oh and onto the miracle of the week. YURI GOT BAPTIZED!!! So my comp and I weren’t the ones that baptized him BUT when I arrived in this area (yes, 6 months ago) he was still investigating the church and I already viu muito gente [saw a lot of people] try to baptize him but because of the mom, or some other reason, he didn’t. BUT Thursday, I did the interview for him, and Sunday before church he got baptized! I have never seen so many members cry!!! It was emotional for everyone involved. I am so glad that he entered the waters of baptism and can continue to endure to the end.

Well I hope everyone has a great week!


Elder Kupferer

Monday, October 23, 2017

Coincidence or Miracle? I Think Miracle!


So this week was alright until yesterday! Man yesterday was sweet. 

But first, we did some service for an investigator which was pretty awesome. We took out some of the ground to make room to put concrete stairs for their terrace lá acima [above]. So that was pretty fun. 

But yesterday was cool. So we were going to visit a less active that we haven’t found a time to meet with them but yesterday we finally entered. BUT when we entered two minutes later another companionship showed up (there is usually just two but they were doing splits…you'll understand why I said this in a minute) to the same house and were pretty surprised that we were there. They came with a member that knows the family so we started talking. Then, five minutes after, the other companionship showed up. So we had 6 missionaries with one member at a less active house (and the dad isn't a member). So that was cool because none of us planned with one another beforehand and we just gave them a quick message and the spirit was super strong. I am glad that we followed the spirit and visited that family because apparently they needed it.

Sorry this is short, I will talk to you guys next week!


Elder Kupferer

Monday, October 16, 2017

Miracles and Jesus Christ

So this week I forgot about something I wanted to write about since last week but forgot until after so I will mainly talk about that but first off, this week was good. 

We had interview with Presidente Lacerda which was great. So during this one, I had a humbling experience. My president said that being the district leader for the zone leaders is a good amount of responsibility and that if I animate them, then the whole zone will be animated. Then he said something that hit me hard. He said, "Elder, the Lord has a lot of trust in you." That hit me hard because as a representative of Jesus Christ, it was humbling to hear that the Lord has faith in me, I just need to continue to do my part. 

The other thing I wanted to talk about is that we have done two family home evenings in two separate homes. The first was with Irmã Nilma. So for these special noite familiares (family home evenings but it is easier to write the former) we would show different videos of the miracles that Christ did while he was here on earth, and then after say that "…as representatives of Christ, what do you want to ask for if Jesus Christ was here?" Then, we write it down, say the prayer, and then leave them to continue feel the Holy Ghost (because it is already there.) So with Nilma, we did this and she started to cry because she thought of her husband and felt the spirit. With the other family, (Irmã Andreia) we did the same thing, she didn’t cry, but I have never felt the spirit so strong in my life. It was a great reminder of our purpose here on the mission and it was great to feel the spirit that much. 

I hope you all have a great week! 


Elder Kupferer

Monday, October 9, 2017


Hey so this one is going to be real short because I am out of time já [already]. So first, we have a guy named Rafael that is going great... until I told him I would call and didn’t do that until later. So there’s that but I have one main thing that I wanted to talk about.

There is this family, Sara and Lenildo, who said that they didn’t like how other churches don’t really help them when they needed it (I am not saying that this is every other church I am just saying what they said) but she liked how when she entered ours, she felt welcome, and felt that they would actually help her out. I am just glad that this is a church of service. We don’t just preach it, we practice it. (Again, I know other churches do as well) I just loved that talk that President Eyring gave during conference about the yellow-shirted angels. If you haven’t read it, I ask that you go do that (or watch).

Hope everyone has a great week!


Elder Kupferer

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Zone Conference and GENERAL CONFERENCE!

Monday, October 2, 2017


So we had zone conference this week which was awesome but to be honest, I won’t really focus on that too much but here we go. So our mission president talked a lot about the Holy Ghost and how we need to be doing the small things in order to have more power as missionaries. It was great. 

Then we found some families in between this and conference but OH BOY. Conference was amazing. First, I hope that the family of Elder Robert D. Hales is fine. He was an amazingly powerful apostle and was a man called from God. But this conference was so filled with good talks. I loved how they focused on having your heart centered on Christ but also I loved Elder Hallstrom’s talk on maricle (milagre I forgot how to spell that in English it doesn’t look right haha miracle?) But what he talked about that just being here on Earth is a miracle, having a body is a miracle, and through faith, small people (like you and me) can do great miracles. I bear my testimony that the words spoken in conference were inspired from God, and that everyone that talked were called of God. I sustain and love President Thomas S. Monson. I hope everyone has a good week!


Elder Kupferer

Oh fun highlight, I got to listen to conference in English! It was awesome to actually here the people’s voices instead of a monotone translation (although for Priesthood session I listened to the rebroadcast in Portuguese) 

Oh we also repainted our casa because we wanted the spirit to better be there. This is what happened.

Oh and that is the picture of my zone when we had that district meeting.