Monday, July 9, 2018

Finished Helping With Cars...Now Helping With Visas

Saturday, July 7, 2018


So I have not been able to talk to you guys for a little while because 1. I have become the new executive secretary which now my p-day is on Saturday and 2. because this last two weeks have been REALLY busy. 

First things first (and I will try to remember everything but it will be a little hard) on Tuesday the 26th, I helped change the principal [master] cylinder of the brake system in a member’s car, and I changed the oil. haha it was fun but it took forever because we had someone bring the pieces that we wanted but they brought the wrong pieces the first time, and took a little time to show up the second time. But it was fun, and I was able to help change everything just fine. 

Then later in the week, we did splits which was really fun and the elders that we did splits with needed a baptismal interview so we went and did that and HE PASSED! SO there was that, then on Friday, I did splits with a member and we were able to visit some less actives which was interesting. It was weird to see that just not doing the small things led them to stop going to church. They feel good about the church and everything, but just don’t have the same excitement as before (I am talking about one case in specific). 

BUT THEN on Saturday came the big fun. There is a member in Barra Mansa called Carlos (ou Carlão) and his car got hit. I think I already told you guys that we helped to put it back into shape, we put in the front passenger seat in again, and in general helped him out. But we wanted to paint the car, so we gathered money from members from the ward (and his wife and daughter as well without him knowing) and in ONE DAY, we sanded his car, beat his car into shape, put on plaster, and we painted and varnished the whole car. MAN DID IT TURN OUT GREAT and when we surprised him with the car he was super happy! It was amazing to be able to see that. 

When we painted the car, we were in an area that didn’t have any signal, so when we came back we had 8 missed calls from President Lacerda. So after my heart stopped we called for him, and he asked to talk with me. As we talked, he started to talk about when he was a missionary and that the best time was when he was the executive secretary, and then he told me that he prayed a lot and asked me to be the next executive secretary, so that was really humbling and exciting. But then that came the fun part, he told me that I would leave the next day at 2:00 after church. So when I got back at home, I packed my stuff, then on Sunday, I said bye to everyone, and waited at the bus station with a member until I got my bus. 

Then I went to Juiz de Fora! It has been weird to come back to this city but when I got here, I ran into some members that I have known during my 9 months in the Bairu ward. But as I arrived, I met my new companions, Elder Papalino and Elder Chugg!! It was really fun to see them again and it will be fun to work with them. So then we went immediately to the mission office, where we started to work on the transfers of everyone else, that actually President moved at 5:00 (And I got there at 6:00). After, this week has been super busy with the missionaries that were leaving, missionaries coming into the mission, and dealing with their visas. Then, we had a meeting with President, the leadership council, and I did an inventory of the deposit where we keep all of our materials.

So yeah, this week has been really busy but I am animated to be here and help the mission in a new way now. I hope everyone has a great week!

Amo Vocês,

Elder Joseph A. Kupferer

Monday, June 25, 2018

AMAN and Lições com Membros

Hey everyone!! So this week was really full of a lot of different things that happened. First off, after I sent my email on Monday, we went to a military base called AMAN, or Acadamia Militar das Agulhas Negras (Military Academy of the Black Needles? the last part I am not too sure haha) which was really cool. I learned a lot about the Brazilian Army and it was fun to relax. Then, later in the week we went to Usina to do a baptismal interview which was really cool. Then on Saturday, we went out with the Quorom President’s family to talk and teach some of their friends that they wanted to invite. So we started at about 2:30, and we finished at 9:30 when Jefferson dropped us off. It was a really good experience because it was cool to see the family excited to see what we do, and they were able to help break the ice with some of their friends which might have gone so well (then they made pancakes with maple syrup!!!! MAN WAS THAT GOOD).

So I wanted to do a challenge for everyone at home. For the members, talk with some friends and say that you will pass with the missionaries and then talk with the missionaries about it. For the non-members, I invite you let the missionaries in your home with a member that you know (maybe my parents hahaha) and just let them explain a little bit of what they do and what message they leave, because that is what I am doing with the people here in Brazil.

I hope everyone has a great week and let me know if you have done the challenge!

Amo Vocês, 

Elder Kupferer

Monday, June 18, 2018

Noite Familiar e Missionário de ala

Hey everyone!! This week has been pretty busy!

First things first, on Tuesday night, after we had our P-Day, we went to a noite familiar (family home evening) which included a bunch of members and an investigator with her family. It was really good and we talked a good amount about missionary work. Then later in the week, we continued working with Angela. Her main problem is smoking so we are really pushing hard on that point. But other than that, this week was pretty normal until Sunday. On Sunday, we were calling for everyone to bring them to church (oh and we ran out of credit so we called for everyone doing a conference call through our beloved district leader) and we just went. While church was already going, we had investigators (including Angela) start to show up and by the end of church we had 6 investigators there! It was amazing to see because most of them came by themselves. We didn’t need to do anything which is way better. Anyway, after that we received a message that because of the World Cup, during the game our president told us that we needed to be in our house. SOOO we did that, which was interesting hahah. But after that, we had a meeting with our ward mission leader and the ward missionaries to help them know a little more about their roles and we ended up talking about how we will work together and it was really cool! I have a new appreciation for ward missionaries and if you are one, please work with the missionaries! They will love you! 

Amo Vocês, 

Elder Kupferer

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

I Am a Mechanic Now

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Hey everyone!! So this week was really a full week! haha man was it a lot of work!! So first off, it got confirmed last Monday that the next day, Tuesday, would be the mission council. So on Monday we traveled to Juiz de Fora and there were a bunch of missionaries that I have known for almost all my mission. It was really good. Then we had the council on Tuesday and we learned a lot about enjoying our missions and what it meant to truly have a "Full Experience". Then, we returned on Wednesday and we went to a member’s house to help him translate questions that would be used for a competition. Then, the next day, there was a sister in the ward that her car wasn’t working, and the "mechanic" that fixed her car only ripped her off and did nothing that she had asked him to do. So, since my companion, Elder Campos, is a mechanic, we gave it a shot. So we spent all day Thursday (Oh and on Thursday, we went to the bishop’s counselor’s house, Carlos (Carlão) and we helped his car out because it got hit. So we put in the other front seat, fixed the other door, and cleaned it up) and a good amount on Saturday helping her out because that is what Christ would do. Then, on Sunday we had Stake Conference, which was amazing. We had a family come which are amazing, and one of the sons, Thiago, is SUPER interactive with people and he sat with the other counselor to the bishop! It was really cool. And all the talks were amazing and I was happy that I was able to be there. Then, yesterday, we had our Zone Conference which went really well! We talked a lot about who we are, and how working with members is really important. I also gave a small training so that was fun! Oh and this is why I am talking to you guys today instead of yesterday. But I am really excited to be able to continue work in this city and I know that the blessings will still come!

Amo Vocês, 

Elder Kupferer

Monday, June 4, 2018

Sendo Carioca Novamente [Being from Rio Again]

Hey guys so this week was a CHANGE. So this week was starting great with one of the best district meetings that I have ever given during my time on my mission. The spirit was super strong and the meeting was super productive. Then, we continued working hard during the week while we were trying to find more people to teach. Then, on Friday, we had an activity that was going really well until I heard the cell phone start to ring. I looked at it and saw that it was President Lacerda. So I went to talk to him and it turned out that I was getting transferred! So I got transferred the next day (which I left at 9:30 AM and they told me this at 8:15 in the morning and I had nothing ready hahaha) to Barra Mansa in the state of Rio de Janeiro! I am now the companion to Elder Campos and I am now a zone leader! It was very humbling to hear about and I am a bit nervous with this adjustment but I am excited to work with the zone! I am so excited to start doing my all to help my zone grow and help everyone reach their full potential. I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

Amo Vocês, 

Elder Kupferer

When I say goodbye to members….

When I say goodbye to missionaries...

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Monday, May 28, 2018

Hey everyone!! So not too much happened this week but we did go down to Ubá this week. So there is a missionary there that is having a bit of a problem with the work and our mission president thought it would be good to send us with the ZL's (because we live together) and go and help one day. So on Wednesday, we went to Ubá, helped them separate all the people that already went to church at least one time and we got to work. I left with one of the elders from Ubá, Elder Gale (ZL) went with the other, and my companion Elder Oliveira stayed with Elder Conceição (ZL). So we were able to get a lot of work done. I actually marked a baptism date with a guy that already went to church and they have been following up with him and he said that everything is going well for him to get baptized this weekend coming up!  So after that we kept working here and we were missing a lot of new investigators. So, we went to a house of a contact that we did, and his family of three accepted us (family of four actually but only three of them have the age [are old enough] to be baptized) and while we were talking with them, their friends showed up (a mom and daughter) and they were really interested!! So I will tell you guys more when there is more to tell. But I hope everyone has a great week!!

Amo Vocês, 

Elder Kupferer

Monday, May 21, 2018

È Claro Que Sim!!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Hey guys!! So this week was pretty great!! So it started with a splits with Ubá! We had our district meeting then I went with Elder Igure so that he could do an eye exam. Then, we ate lunch and went to work! It was really good and he said he learned a lot about planning so we both felt it was productive. Then, the next day, we had an interview and the other elders that would do the interview were doing splits as well, so I left with Elder Lima when Elder Conceição went with Elder Oliveira to the interview. The sad thing is that that person passed but couldn’t make that Sunday so we will try to work with him this week. Then, on Friday, there was something really cool that happened. We talked with Janette (her son Victor got baptized a few weeks ago) and she was really hesitant about getting baptized, but somehow this time it was different. When we got there we just started teaching with the Spirit (and it was strong too!) As we were teaching she was really frank with us and we were frank with her haha but at the end she started asking if the church opened on Fridays which we thought was a little weird. But then she asked if she could get baptized on the 8th of June (a Friday) and what did we say? È claro que sim!! OF COURSE! So we marked that date and she said that that date was special because it was the birthday of her son that had died recently so it was really a special experience. This was great because I know that the lesson would not have worked as well if the spirit wasn’t there. The Holy Ghost is essential and I hope everyone looks to have the spirit more this week!

Amo Vocês, 

Elder Kupferer