Monday, August 21, 2017

New Comp, Same Life

(August 14, 2017)

Oi tudo mundo! Man this week was interesting. 

So on Tuesday, I helped my old companion Elder Bledsoe move to his new house, where I picked up a different elder who was going to the bus station and then waited for my new comp. I then picked up my new companion, Elder Valdiviezo (correct now…I don’t know if I messed it up before but it is right now haha) 

Then, we went straight to an activity after we dropped his bags hahaha. No time for him but oh well. 

The next day we had a training about Dengue for an activity on Saturday and then Saturday, we had the activity with classes, free clinics, and Zumba. I was stationed with the pilates room and they had a machine that helped to tell you your weight, your bmi, percentage of muscle, percentage of fat, percentage of fat in your abdominal area, and your body age. It was really funny to see the different people go up and try it out.... and see their reactions. There was an 18-year old with the body age of 45 (HA) he wasn't too pleased with that. 

AND THEN, the week took a stop this past few days. 

First, we went to visit Fernanda, and we found out that she moved. So now, we need to figure out her new address (they said it was a neighborhood next to them so that is good but still need to search for her). 

Also, since it was Father’s Day here yesterday, all our investigators and some less actives were busy with barbecues or visiting their fathers so we had no one at church and was the lowest attended sacrament meeting since the wards were together. So that is something that we just need to work on this coming week and continue to get some people closer to Christ! 

Talk to everyone next week!


Elder Kupferer

All these photos are from a route that we thought was faster, but actually took more time to get to a member’s house. The view was killer though!

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