Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Oi! Howsyourdog?

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

This week has been GREAT!

So we first showed up to the CTM Tuesday, and that day I wasn't feeling that well. [Mom note:  When he left us here at John Wayne, he had lost his voice and had a cold.]  I did all of the activities but I still didn't feel well so I asked for a blessing and I really felt like God is watching over me and called me to be here. So after that, we went to a devotional given by Elder Holland and it was honestly amazing. I am super grateful for the opportunities to have devotionals here. 

I also met all the Brazilians on my floor that day and they are super welcoming! I have been hanging out with them every day and they have been awesome. The food has been good as well, we have had all different kinds of food and it is a blessing. We also have time to go have exercise and my district always goes to play volleyball which is a bunch of fun. 

The hallway in our dorm is always busy with people and I have made plenty of friends there. We all hang out and trade a few things, I gave a Brazilian a US dollar bill (which they seem to be fascinated over) and then I got some Reis in return (the currency is called a Real but the plural is reis). 

Portuguese is coming along. It was really difficult at first but it is slowly getting better so that is a blessing. The reason that title is there is because since we are learning, sometimes people don't understand what you are saying. I walked up to one of the sisters in my district and said, "Oi (hey), ajuda" (I was paraphrasing to say do you need any help?) but what she heard was "Oi Hows your dog?" So yeah, we have come a ways since then. 

We also have this investigator that we go teach (his name is Alexis) and the first day I KNEW NOTHING. I understood maybe ten words he said but by yesterday I was able so respond (slowly and disconnected) to him without even looking at my notes so I already see some improvement. 

I loved the São Paulo temple today and how pretty it was inside and I can't wait to go back next P day.
This first week has been amazing. I know Christ lives and that he loves us and if you want to know more just email me because I only have 45 minutes to write so sorry if this is short. 

Talk to you all next week!


Elder Joseph A. Kupferer

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