Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Suave na nave!

Oi todas as pessoas! This week has been a mix of emotions. 

The Portuguese is slowly coming and the food is starting to just be the same thing except for the occasional good surprise. The subject is actually a phrase that our teacher told us which means  “cool on the airplane” but it is so much fun to say that we keep saying it.

Also, the temples are always so much fun to go to. Also, it is also a lot of fun to go around the city but we started seeing the same stuff so we are going to try to change it up.

 Also, I have been in Brazil a month! I don’t know how the time has flown by so fast. 

So time for some sad news. One of my companions had to go home to have foot surgery because he dislocated his foot while stepping wrong on the track (there was a drop from the track to the grass) and he has a stage 3 sprain which means that almost all his tendons in his foot are torn.  He will have to be home for about 3 months but by the sounds of it he will be straight out once he can. If everyone could just keep him in your prayers that would be spectacular.

So I will talk to all later. Tchau!


Elder Joseph A. Kupferer

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