Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Street Artist

So this week has been great! I first went out after emailing last week and got a Flamengo (a soccer team in Río) jersey, got a free cookie and I showed some people a food place that is amazing.

We also gained Sister Davila and an Elder Carlson who is my new companion with Elder Deal! (Not sure if I emailed about him last week but he is from Nebraska so that is cool.)

We have exercise time during the day and we are constantly playing volei (volleyball) and everyone is killing it. It is a lot of fun especially since Elder Carlson does a handshake whenever something good happens so we kind of do it a lot. 

We then did some proseletismo [proselyting] in the biggest street in São Paulo which was really interesting. We were handing out Book of Mormons to just random people and it was hard! There were a lot that didn’t want the book but we did hand out three. The first guy was a security guard who basically just asked us to hand him a Book of Mormon. The second guy was a minister for some Christian church and thanked us for the book so hopefully he reads it haha. And finally the last guy was the street artist. He was just painting these really small paintings and we just walked up and tried to speak Portuguese and he tried back and then said that he was actually was better at English so we then talked in English for about 30 minutes about the church and he seemed really interested and he said he would read it so there is hope! The coolest part though was that he was from Georgia, which is the country right by Russia which I thought was awesome. 

We have been doing splits and teaching each other which has helped with the Portuguese. Also, the devotionals are the best here, especially when we get the MTC exclusive videos. 

One final thing, I have the best district and can’t believe that I will be leaving for the field in 3 weeks! Thanks for all your support! Talk to you all soon!


Elder Joseph A. Kupferer

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