Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Week of Splits

Cara esta semana foi interesante! Hey everyone so this week has been interesting. 

So we did splits three times this week because I think we were supposed to and for some of the work to progress it was necessary (for the other dupla to change up) so I was with Elder Igure half the week which was interesting but we were working hard and I have gotten way better at making contacts in front of the church enquanto nós fazemos capela aberta (while we do open church (I think?)) which was a struggle before but it started to get better. 

I also visited a great investigator that has great potential. He also plays the accordion so that was a lot of fun. Also, there was a divisão com um outro missionário and he stayed with us for a night which was awesome. 

Overall this week has been filled with helping members, going with members to menos ativos, and just finding and teaching! Sorry it is short but I am a little pressed for time. Talk to you guys next week!


Elder Kupferer

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