Monday, May 22, 2017

Mission Tour with Elder W. Mark Bassett

Oi tudo mundo! This week has been pretty great! We had a lot happen this week. 

First thing was we had a mission tour which is when a General Authority comes and talks to us and we get to meet him which is pretty cool! Elder W. Mark Bassett is a General Authority Seventy and is a member of the Brazil Area Presidency. 

We also took a picture of the entire mission with him but he was taking a while to show up so we were all standing and I was talking to a guy from Shelley, Idaho and we were talking about random stuff and I was trying to tell him that my grandparents who live in Arizona used to have a spot for missionaries (an apartment for missionaries to live in) but the word for grandparents is avos, and the word for eggs is ovos. Então, I told him that my eggs live in Arizona which makes absolutely no sense. Got to love mess ups with the language! 

Then after that, we continued to work and went to a possible investigator's house. She wasn’t there but her son was and he let us in. His name is Douglas and we continued to talk to him and by the end we set a baptism date! That was great but now we just need to continue to work with him. 

We also had stake conference which was good. All the talks were good and I understood a good amount! Overall this has been a good week and I can’t wait to continue. Talk to you guys later!


Elder Kupferer

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